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Bible Lesson Demonstrations
If you are using CEF curriculum to teach children then these demonstrations will help you become familiar with the Bible lessons. As you watch these demonstrations to help you prepare to teach these lessons yourself, you will see how to weave the Gospel throughout a lesson.

Lesson texts and flashcards are available for purchase at CEF Office; please call 6276-1201 for an appointment.

Song Demonstrations
The song demonstrations below have been created for you as a study tool to help you learn the melody of the song and hand motions. They are also designed to be used in direct ministry to children. May our LORD bless your ministry to children.

God: The Creator King: Series Overview

Songs Demo
  1. The King Has Spoken!
  2. The King Creates!
  3. Sin Enters the World
  4. How to Come to the King!
  5. The King Saves!

The Patriarchs: Series Overview

Songs Demo
  1. The Tower of Babel
  2. Abram's Saving Faith
  3. God is Faithful to Keep His Promises
  4. God Gives a Picture of the Promised Savior
  5. God Changes Jacob
  6. Jacob and Esau Are Reunited

The Life of Joseph: Series Overview

Songs Demo
  1. Joseph: Born into a Family of Promise
  2. Joseph Sold by His Brothers
  3. Joseph Experiences God's Help
  4. God Rewards Joseph
  5. Joseph: God's Plan Revealed

Escape from Egypt: Series Overview

Songs Demo
  1. God the Deliverer
  2. God Shows His Greatness to Pharaoh
  3. God Shows His Power to Save
  4. Ten Commandments Part 1
  5. Ten Commandments Part 2

Return to Canaan: Series Overview

Songs Demo
  1. Entering the Land: Refusal, Return and Renewal
  2. Rahab: God Saves a Canaanite Woman
  3. The Judges: Rebellion and Rescue Repeated
  4. Gideon: God Gives Guidance and Victory
  5. Naomi and Ruth: God Provides a Redeemer

Jesus Cares for People: Series Overview

Songs Demo
  1. Jesus Shows He Is the Almighty God
  2. Nicodemus Can't Save Himself
  3. Jesus Loves Everyone

  4. Jesus Heals the Nobleman's Son
    (Intro: Object Lesson)

  5. Jesus Cares for Bartimaeus

Jesus: God Who Saves: Series Overview

Songs Demo
  1. Jesus the Promised Messiah
  2. Jesus the Passover Sacrifice
  3. Jesus the Perfect Substitute
  4. Jesus the Crucified Savior
  5. Jesus the Risen Lord

The Early Church: Series Overview

Songs Demo
  1. Jesus Is Alive!
  2. The Helper Has Come!
  3. God's Church is Persecuted
  4. Saul Trusts in Jesus as His Savior
  5. Paul Trusts God's Strength

The Ministry of Paul: Series Overview

Songs Demo
  1. Paul Boldly Tells Others About Jesus
  2. God Is with Paul and Silas in Prison
  3. God Sends Paul to Athens
  4. God Keeps His Promise to Paul
  5. Paul Encourages Believers to Stand Firm

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