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The Academy of Sunday School Teachers (ASST) was launched in February 2014. The acronym ASST (pronounced “assist”) embodies our mission to assist teachers to reach and teach children. Our vision is for Sunday School to be more than a strategy to nurture children in our churches. It should also be a strategy to grow – by reaching out to children beyond the walls of the church.

In our vision, we visualise a vibrant Sunday School where ...
•   children desire to come
•   they have fun and learn about God
•   their lives are being transformed
•   the number of children are growing

It is one thing to know the subject matter thoroughly but another thing to know how to teach it to children effectively. We seek to address the latter in the Methods Track. Effective teachers teach in such a way that a complicated subject is made simple and that their students can understand and grow to love what they love; and for Sunday School teachers, it is our love for our LORD and His word.

ASST comprises of two tracks, the Bible track and the Methods track. We offer the following modules under our Methods track.

M1 – Who Are We Teaching? (5 sessions)
  1. The World of Our Children
  2. Development Stages and Characteristics of Children
  3. Discovering Specific Needs of Children
  4. Teaching for the Total Child
  5. Making Bible Lessons Alive for Children

M2 – What Do They Need to Learn? (5 sessions)
  1. The Wonder of Worship
  2. Learning to Pray
  3. Growing through God’s Word
  4. Victory Over Sin (Make a teaching aid)
  5. Consecration - My life set apart for God (Make a teaching aid)
  6. God’s Guidance

M3 – Training Kids to Reach Out (5 sessions)
  1. What is the Message of Salvation?
  2. Training Children to Share their Faith
  3. A Method – The Romans Road to Heaven
  4. How to Help our Children to Defend their Faith
  5. God’s Answers to Kids’ Tough Questions
  6. Missions – Bring the World to your Classroom

M4 – Lesson Preparation and Presentation (5 sessions)
  1. Teachers – God’s Gift to the Children
  2. Preparation for Evangelistic Bible Lesson
  3. Preparation for Growth Bible Lesson
  4. Presentation of the Bible Lesson
  5. Teaching Doctrine to Children

M5 – Teaching Preschoolers (7 sessions)
  1. Foundations for Early Childhood Ministries
  2. Characteristics of Little Kids
  3. God’s Good News for Little Kids
  4. Key Questions for Counselling
  5. Overview of Preschoolers Can Know God Curriculum
  6. Scripture Memory That Works
  7. Music – God’s Gift to Little Kids
Note: Each session lasts 1 to 1.5 hours
Contact Ms Lorita Lim, our Education and Training Coordinator at the email address below for more information.

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