Child Evangelism as Taught in the Word of God

Jesus summed up His wonderful message on child evangelism and true greatness by brushing aside every doubt as to God’s will regarding the salvation of little children. He said it is “not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish” (Matthew 18:14).

Why Child Evangelism is Valid

I believe in the validity of child evangelism. For one thing, statistics are on its side. 19 out of 20 Christians receive Christ before the age of 25. After that, the odds against conversion become astronomical.

A Parent’s Desire 

Any normal parent would naturally give his/her offspring the best that he/she can afford. This is only natural. Christian parents will do well to consider very seriously what the best things in life they wish to bequeath to their children.

Investing in the Spiritual Well-Being of Our Children

“If I had those days to live over again, I would give a good deal more time just to be with my children, not necessarily always doing things for them or with them, but just to be there. Such memories linger long in little hearts and help condition them for stormy days ahead,” so wrote V. Raymond Edman, a one-time President of Wheaton College, USA.

Child-Parent Relationship

Filial respect is a natural as well as a universal law. Ephesians 6:1 is therefore well known and probably well-taught. Paul commands children to obey their parents. It is imperative, an obligation not an option on the part of the children. But not as well known is Paul’s command to parents in verse 4 “not to exasperate” their children. Though not as well taught, it is equally a command, not just to fathers (although the address it to them), but to both father and mother.

Go and Build

A call to invest in eternity and to action – reaching boys and girls for Jesus Christ.

What Can Students Learn?

Although, no two children are alike, there are some generalizations that can be made within certain age categories. Charts show what students of each age group can learn and guidelines are given to help you further their spiritual training.

Age 2-3

Age 4-5

Age 6-8

Age 9-12

Age 13-14

Age 15-17

Age 18 – 24

Over 24

It’s Catching!

Do you have a cheerful heart? Does it show on your face, in your life? Do you lift others up and give them happiness by your presence?