Online Training


CEF is excited to announce FREE online training! Designed to meet the busy lifestyles of those who minister to children, these seminars and courses provide biblical, practical instruction on a variety of topics. 

These online seminars can be used effectively both by individuals and groups. Children pastors and other children’s ministry leaders can use our seminars for equipping new and experienced teachers and round-up with a discussion on application to your church setting. Where printable notes (pdf format) are available, download and print them for viewers before watching the presentation video. Groups viewing these seminars will need an active (broadband) internet connection during the presentation, a projector, a screen and external speakers. The presentation videos require the Flash Player plug-in to work correctly. 

It is our prayer that the LORD will enrich you through the training and bless the children whom you are teaching.

If you have been blessed by these training videos, consider sending a cheque payable to “Child Evangelism Fellowship (S) Ltd” and mail it to our address. Thank you.


Online Training




Wordless Book Training (WBT)


Be familiar with the truths of the message of salvation and learn how to present them using the Wordless Book. 

•   WBT Facilitator’s Guide 
•   WBT Student’s Notes 
•   WBT Presentation Videos

Wordless Book Demonstration 

Watch a complete demonstration of the Wordless Book. Note how the truths of the message of salvation and Scripture truth are explained to the child.

The Wordless Book is available for purchase from our office; please call 6276-1201.

Additional Resources:
•   Biblical and historical evidences that children can be saved 
•   The Gospel truths that need to be understood in order for a child to be saved 





Counselling Demo


After a clear presentation of the Gospel in a ministry setting, an invitation to believe in Christ is given. Children who want to talk more about believing in Jesus and make that important decision can then meet with the teacher afterward.

This counseling demonstration is a study tool for you to see what this time might look like. 





Scripture Smart to Heart


Steps to teach a Bible verse for memorization to children. In this presentation, you will learn how to introduce, present, explain, apply and review (iPEAR) the verse with the children.

•   MV Student’s Notes 
•   MV Presentation Video 

NOTE: We hope these presentations have provided valuable information for you and that you can implement what you have learned right away! If you have been blessed by these video presentations, drop us an email to let us know. Thanks.

  1. Is your Church interested to kick-start a Good News Club in your community?

    Then we can partner you to run a 3-Day Club during the school holidays. A 3-Day Club is a holiday outreach to children in the community. It is a hour-long Bible club for children (primarily designed for those between the ages of 5 and 12) held every day for three days. 

    Call us at 6276-1201 for a discussion. 

  2. Are your church small groups struggling with how to engage young children during your meetings?

    Then you may want to consider the Good News Club format of songs, Scripture memory, Bible lesson, review game and activities to help children understand how the Bible applies to their lives.

    In addition to watching the above video presentations, you may like to browse our resource catalogue for available curriculum.





How to Study the Bible


How should we approach God’s Word? Is it really possible for people without a theology degree to really grasp the meaning of Scripture and apply it in a practical way in our own lives? This seminar will help you understand the importance and process of moving beyond devotional Bible reading to Bible study. 

1 ReadingUnderstand the importance and process of moving beyond devotional Bible reading to Bible study. You will also implement the reading step using an assigned passage and noting observations on a worksheet.

•   01-Student’s Notes 
•   01-Presentation Video 

2 ComprehendingBe familiar with the process of comprehending the Scripture passage in order to discover the transcendent biblical principle that God intended the reader to understand.

•   02-Student’s Notes 
•   02-Presentation Video 

3 ApplyingUnderstand the importance of applying God’s Word in daily life as a step of obedience to Him.

•   03-Student’s Notes 
•   03-Presentation Video 





Special Seminars


1. Brain Research and Learning
This seminar was recorded at the 2013 National Conference at the Ridgecrest Conference Center in Asheville, North Carolina.

Part 1: Six Tips for Brain-Based Learning (56 min) discusses the latest in brain research and education, including the effects of fear on the brain and how movement affects learning

•   01-Student’s Notes 
•   01-Presentation Video 

Part 2: Make ‘Em Laugh (40 min) discusses the effects of humor and laughter on the brain and how incorporating humor in teaching aids the learning process
•   02-Student’s Notes 
•   02-Presentation Video

2. Reaching Those with Special Needs (38 min) looks at some of the misconceptions concerning special needs children. Practical tips will be included.

•   Student’s Notes 
•   Presentation Video 

Additional Resources:
•   Guidelines for Reporting and Writing about people with disabilities 

3. High Octane Habits (58 min) go beyond normal and ordinary to teach kids that God’s Word is exciting and relevant! The methods and ideas shared in this seminar will help you to make anything you teach more high octane!

•   Student’s Notes 
•   Additional Information 
•   Presentation Video