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Are you looking for balance in your teaching?

CEF Bible lessons offers both (a) substance – biblical teaching and application and (b) creativity – creative teaching methods … in one exciting package to connect with today’s children.

CEF has everything you need to help you share God’s truth with boys and girls. A wide variety of products is available through our office.


Today’s Children

Crave teaching with depth – they will not settle for shallow answers

Enjoy storytelling as a primary means of communicating beliefs

Hunger to experience rather than just reading or hearing about things

Yearn for a sense of community through building personal relationships

Value a blending of past and present, thus allowing them to appreciate both traditional as well as contemporary learning experiences

CEF Material

Empower the teacher with timeless biblical truth applied practically to the child’s life

Equip the teacher with life-changing, theologically correct Bible narratives, incorporating dynamic storytelling techniques and colourful visual aids

Energise the teacher with creative active learning methods balanced with strong Bible content

Encourage the teacher to build lasting relationships with children through personal dialogue and group interaction

Expand the teacher’s capabilities to communicate truth through the time-honoured traditions of flannel graph and flashcard visual aids. You’ll also find other tools such as music CDs, PowerPoint presentations and videos in this online catalogue.


Bible Lessons

Preschoolers Lessons

Preteens and Teens



Missions Lessons



Object Lessons

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