CEF(S) Milestones

1968: Exploratory meeting at Singapore Airport between Rev Jim Turner of Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), Miss Lois Ward of Navigators Singapore, Mrs Eileen Kuhn and Dr Tan Kai Kiat

Sep 1970: Rev Jim and Mrs Emma Turner move to Singapore

Jul 1975: First Leadership Training Institute (LTI) held at FEBC.

1975: First national CEF workers in Singapore
• Ms Dorothy Tan (now Mrs Ng)
• Ms Eunice Teo (now Mrs Goh)

1975: First Good News Clubs (GNCs); one of the GNCs was held in Eunos.

Mar 1977: CEF was registered in Singapore. First Board of Directors formed with Dr Tan Kai Kiat as Chairman

1977: Office moved from FEBC to Bible House

1980: First Children’s Camp held

14 Nov 1984: First (recorded) World Day of Prayer observed. Staff and others met from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm at Grace BP Church. About 30 prayer supporters joined us in the evening at Grace Singapore Chinese Christian Church. Mr Riedar Kalland of CEF Inc was the speaker.

Mar 1985: First Regional Conference held in Singapore – 60 people from 15 different countries met at Hotel Grand Central.

Jul 1987: 750 children turned up for Children’s Rally on board MV Doulos

Oct 1988: Mr Larry Frickel became the first National Director of CEF Singapore

Jun 1989: CEF Chinese Ministry launched by Ms Leong Mee Lan

Jan 1990: Tell-a-story launched

Jan 1991: Mr V.B. Matthew joined CEF Singapore as Acting National Director

May 1992: Office moved from Bible House to Upper Pickering Street

Jan 1993: Teaching Children Effectively (TCE) Level 1 in Chinese launched

Apr 1999: Move to new office at Sims Avenue Centre

May 2000: Move to new office at “The Sunflower” in Geylang

Sep 2001: Asia Pacific Regional Conference held in Singapore – Theme “Go and Build”

May 2002: Mr Michael Manning joined CEF Singapore as Executive Director

Aug 2004: Launch of CEF Singapore website

Jun 2007: Office at Geylang, The Sunflower was sold.

Jul 2007: New Board appointed

17 Nov 2007: Relaunch of CEF Singapore